Creaktiv Systems - Audio 1

Creaktiv Systems Audio 1 Hifi Rack

The Audio Rack distinguishes itself through a combination of solid wood and multiplex. This mixture of materials provides increased stability and further improves the acoustic properties.

Creaktiv's Audio Rack system features quartz sand filled four-chamber anti-resonance pipes made from aluminium and respective floor cones. As with all Creaktiv rack systems the audio rack also features structure levels and matching decoupling floors.

Audio 1-4 support systems are also available as an "Aktiv PLUS Rack" version which incorporates the unique Systems ci2p technology. The "Informierungstechnology" of our technology partner Gabriel Tech leads to the filtering out and therefore reduction of electrosmog. This technology can lead to high-fidelity/audio equipment and cables for the reduction of material electrical stress. Particularly excess static electricity and magnetic interference respectively.

With six colours available as stock items 4 standard (Natural, Brown, Black, White) 2 premium finishes (Cherry-yellow, Cherry-red). Bespoke options are available upon request.

Creaktiv's Audio 1 racking system delivers high performance coupled with German engineering know how with an understated look that is hard to beat.

Creaktiv Systems Audio 1 and Aktiv Plus specifications:

  • All Audio racks tubes are alu black or silver 35mm diameter with leveling feet.
  • Outer dimensions of each level (W x D):620mm x 500 mm.
  • Useable floor area (W x D):530mm x 500 mm
  • Usable height per level:first level 250 mm, 170 mm from 2nd level
  • Special tube heights on request.
  • Load per shelf 60Kg
Audio 1 Natural Audio 1 Brown Audio 1 Black Audio 1 White Audio 1 Line Useable Dimensions