Creaktiv Systems - Trend Line

Creaktiv Trend Line

The Trend Line incorporates many of the innovative Creaktiv Systems features prompting Stereo magazine to rate it 'excellent' in a recent group test. This Creaktiv technology is available for a very modest outlay compared to other support systems which are available.

This keenly priced support system:- The Trend line will enable you to listen to your audio system with a greater sense of musicality and enjoyment.

Our modular expandable Trend racking system as well as the Trend 1 can be equipped with our ci2p technology called the Acktiv Plus version. The electromagnetic interference in and around your audio system layout to be reduced.

The Trend rack series has features that justify in the magazine "Stereo" (03/2008) as the only rack "excellent" in the comparison test in sound and workmanship. Our starting point rack system can be upgraded by filled with quartz sand aluminum pipes, soil cone and our ci2p technology enabling even greater enjoyment in your system performance.

Available up to to five levels high. With six colours available as stock items 3 standard, 3 premium finishes which are extra. (Bespoke options upon request). The Trend line makes a bold statement in the performance and looks with in its price arena.

Now available in stunning High Gloss White and Black a stylish addition to your system sounds and look.

Trend Line specifications:

  • All Trend racks tubes are alu black or silver 35mm diameter with leveling feet.
  • Outer dimensions of each level (W x D):600mm x 480 mm.
  • Useable floor area (W x D):515mm x 480 mm
  • Usable height per level:first level 250 mm, 170 mm from 2nd level
  • Special tube heights on request.
  • Load per shelf 60Kg
Trend Line Natural Trend Line Kirsch Trend Line Weng Trend Line High Gloss White Trend Line High Gloss Black Trend Line Useable Dimensions