Renaissance Amplification

Welcome to all music-lovers, Our mission at Renaissance Amplification is to help you enjoy music more. Of course, live music is best and we hope that you take every opportunity to take in performances this way. If you sing or play an instrument, that's even better. We can help you get the best out of your cherished recorded music. We make quality high performance hi-fi that is easy to use and designed to suit your home.

Great music is great music and it's really only the music that brings listening pleasure. Having said that, you will enjoy your music collection so much more when you listen through a truly high quality music system. Owners of Renaissance Amplification systems can confirm that. Plenty of great recordings have been made over the years and it is a pity not to hear them in all their glory.

Imagine a system so convincing that you forget all about the hi-fi and just find yourself absorbed in the music. Imagine re-discovering your favourite tracks and hearing them in a new light. That's what will happen when you invest in a truly capable system. Renaissance Amplification owners tell us that they are not distracted by their system anymore they just enjoy having their favourite artists performing for them at home.

In a nutshell, the best systems sound like they are not there. You can usually tell the difference between recorded sounds and the real thing. You can hear that the sound is coming out of loudspeakers. When you own a better hi-fi system, the music no longer sounds like it is coming from the loudspeakers: it's just happening in front of you.Simply put Renaissance Amplification delivers this genuine realism with aplomb.

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